Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks
Pallet Forks Range
McCormack Industries offers a variety of different pallet forks, ranging in height, width, carry capacity, tyne type and multiuse. 
Pallet Forks - Floating
Our pallet fork frames, as with all our products are sturdy and strong, with the option of hay spear sleeves in the frame they have multi-purpose appeal. They are designed to ensure superior visibility, ease of operation and a weight that has minimal affect on the overall capacity of the loader. Our standard frames have 3 different models to suit all types of tractors, they also have floating tynes which make them simpler and easier to use.

All of our pallet fork frames are built using Australian steel, in our factory in Aubigny. We make forks for all makes of loader and all kinds of applications, from vineyard to aquaculture. Our pallet forks for loaders range from 1400kg capacity to 3000kg capacity. Pallet fork/ hay forks combination frames are also available in all capacities and frame sizes ranging from the 2 spear Extra Small and Small Frames to the 5 spear Standard Frames. 
  • Capacities ranging from 1400kg to 3000kg
  • Several different sizes and styles available
  • Optional hay spear sleeves
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Type 4 Frame
Extra Small Frame Pallet forks are ideal for tractors up to 30hp. 
These frames weigh in at 90-110kg including the tynes, so it doesn’t impede on your loaders capacity no matter how big or small it is. They are available with two hay spear bushes in a combo frame to make them extra versatile. This frame uses a single shaft and the same floating tynes that are used on our larger frames.
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Type 1 Frame
Small frame pallet forks are best suited for tractors from 30 – 70 hp range.
These frames weigh from 160-180kg, with a width of approximately 1200mm, they can be optioned with two hay spear bushes effectively making them into a multipurpose attachment. The Small Frame pallet forks are built with the same design as our Standard Frame pallet forks, meaning they have two shafts and floating tynes.
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Type 2 Frame
Type 2 frame pallet forks are ideal for all medium to large tractors
These frames can be made to suit all loader brands and capacities. The same frame is used to carry tynes rated from 1400kg-3000kg. Standard frame pallet forks weigh 170-230kg at a width of 1500mm, with the option of 5 hay spear bushes for extra versatility. This is the biggest floating tyne pallet fork frame that we manufacture at McCormack Industries.
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Pallet Forks – ITA
Forklift Style - Lock in Pallet Forks
The ITA style frame pallet forks are ideal for tractors that are over 50hp. These frames use the Standard forklift style rail and tynes. With a capacity of 2500kg they are ideal for most sizes of tractor loaders. This style of frame has the advantage of being compatible with existing forklift attachments, like side shift, fork positioners and bale clamps. Also the tynes are retained at the heel which can make operation easier. They are available in two widths of 1200mm and 1500mm.
Industrial Pallet Forks
McCormack Industries manufactures a range of heavy duty industrial pallet forks for wheel loaders and Telehandlers. These range from widths of 1200mm to 2400mm, with capacities up to 8000kg. Depending on the application the tynes used are ITA (forklift style) or pin eye type. These are available with hydraulic fork positioning or side shift on the tynes as an optional extra. The frames can be made to suit a wide variety of machine attachment lugs.
  • Built tough and durable
  • Increase efficiency and safety in material handling applications
  • Designed to suit any machine attachment lugs
  • A wide variety of widths and capacities available up to 2400mm wide and 8000kg capacity
  • Hydraulic fork positioning available as an optional extra
  • ITA and pin eye type tynes available
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