Cotton Handling

Cotton Handling
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Wheelie Grab
The Wheelie Grab is ideal for collecting and handling cotton round bale modules in the paddock. It can be manufactured to suit category 3 or 4 Three Point Linkage. It can also be made to suit Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers. It has been tested refined over many seasons to reduce damage to modules. A double arm version is also available for increased module support and safety. All pivots points are able to be greased while standing on the ground and they all have replaceable hardened inserts.
  • Suitable for tractors with front or rear mounted category 3 or 4 three point linkage 
  • Can be made to suit all Wheel Loaders or Telehandlers
  • Ideal for moving bales on tractor mounted implements or can also be used for loading when used on the front of a Wheel Loader or Telehandler
  • Gentle on bales when moving around or removing from paddock
  • Simple and easy to grease 
  • All pivots point have replaceable hardened inserts
  • Available in single arm or dual arm configurations
Cotton Bale Rollers
The slide squeezing action of the Cotton Bale Roller offers the most supportive method of loading and handling round cotton modules. It incorporates two rollers which slide horizontally in and out to support the module from underneath. This puts the least amount of strain on the plastic wrap compared to handling with spears. The slide mechanism is free from grease to reduce contamination. This attachment can be fitted to a wide range of Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers. 
  • All slide components are dry, so no greasing necessary
  • Ideal option for Wheel Loaders or Telehandlers
  • Can be used to shift bales around or load them onto transport
  • Fully adjustable to suit all sized bales
  • Smoothly releases modules which is ideal for double stacking
  • Heavy duty design
  • Currently the softest bale handler on the market
  • The perfect solution for bales that have damaged plastic or have been handled too many times
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3 Spear Frame
Cost effective method of handling round cotton modules is the McCormack Industries 3 spear frame. Its heavy duty design incorporates three 70mm high tensile steel spears and is able to be fitted to a range of Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers. The thickness and length of these spears makes them the strongest and most economical method of handling modules.  
  • Heavy duty 3 spear design
  • Can be made to suit all Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers
  • Ideal option for quick loading of trucks either on the farm or at the gin
  • Optimum quality and strength with 70mm high tensile steel being used for the spears ensuring no breakages or bends when implement is used correctly
  • Spears are replaceable
Spears available for sale separately for DIY installation. They can be purchased individually or sets of 3, with or without their mounting bosses.
Cotton Tag Trailer
McCormack Industries has revolutionized the round cotton module handling industry with the invention of the Cotton Tag Trailer. This trailer is made to be towed behind a tractor from the drawbar and uses a similar concept to our Wheelie Grab to collect modules and lift them onto the trailer. The modules are unloaded “sausage” style which means they can be loaded onto chain bed trucks or conventionally onto flat bed trailers. Once three modules have been collected the trailer uses a chain driven bed and tipping chassis to unload the modules. This method of unloading gives the operator full control over the modules as they are unloading, not only increasing safety, but they can unload the modules in groups of six which can then be collected by chain bed trucks. 

The trailer has cab mounted controls using the tractor remotes to operate. This trailer has many advantages over the alternative retrievers mounted to the three point linkage of the tractor, firstly the tractor is always travelling forward reducing tractor wear and operator fatigue. Secondly it significantly cuts down the time the tractor spends in the paddock, because it’s collecting three modules every trip. Finally, the operators visibility is increased compared the conventional methods of retrieval, increasing safety for the operator and other vehicles in the paddock. 
  • Available in 3 or 4 Module capacity.
  • Eliminates having to reverse into the paddock.
  • Increases productivity of module retrieval as it collects three in one trip.
  • Chain bed allows for full control over modules at all times when unloading.
  • Modules are positioned “sausage” style for loading with chain bed trailers or conventionally onto flat bed trailers.
  • Cab-mounted controls using the tractor remotes.
  • Mounted to the tractor’s drawbar therefore reducing wear on tractor.
  • Reduces driving time through the cotton stubble.
  • Reduces the amount of times the modules have to be handled therefore improving their condition upon arrival at the gin.
  • Extensively tested and proven to minimise module damage.
Cotton Picker Trailer
McCormack Industries has revolutionised the cotton industry with the invention of the Cotton Picker Trailer. One of the major downfalls with the new John Deere round module picker is collecting the bales from out in the paddock where the picker has to drop them. With the McCormack Industries Cotton Trailer the round modules can be grouped at one end of the paddock eliminating double handling of the modules and unnecessary compaction. From long dry land runs to short irrigated paddocks the trailer can increase efficiency and cut down labour costs. When you buy a McCormack Industries cotton trailer, we send technicians to walk you through the controls to ensure you get the most out of your trailer. 
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by reducing double handling of modules 
  • Modern, user friendly, automated controls mounted in the cab
  • Unique belt design to eliminate module damage
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Improves condition of modules when they arrive at the gin by reducing the amount of times they need to be handled
  • Available to suit 40” or 60” row spacing
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