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Debris Grab
The Debris Grab uses a bottom row of spears and a grab of curved spears to handle otherwise difficult to grip material, such as compost, green waste and rubbish. Spears on the side of the attachment stop material spilling out the sides. All spears are high tensile and mounted in tapered bosses, so they can be replaced if damaged. The rear frame back board is meshed as well as the gram arm. Mesh stops material spillage while not inhibiting visibility. Custom manufactured grabs can be deigned to suit customer’s needs.
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Tyre Grab
McCormack Industries Tyre Grab has been specifically designed for handling concrete filled tyres. It allows the heavy and cumbersome tyres to be gripped easily and moved without risk of accidentally damaging the tarp they are holding down. 

The Tyre Grab also increases efficiency, the operator doesn’t have to leave the gab to connect and disconnect to the lift hook of the tyre.

Third function is required to operate.
Log Grab
Handling long or round objects on pallet forks can be a dangerous and difficult practise. McCormack Industries manufactures a hydraulic grab to suit the Type 1 and 2 McCormack Pallet Fork frames, the single arm allows for effective restraining of these objects. It requires the third function on the loader to operate. Larger versions are available for telehandlers and wheel loaders.
  • Suit Type 1 and 2 McCormack Pallet Fork frames
  • Requires third function to operate
  • Makes handling long or round objects safe and efficient
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