Industrial Attachments

Industrial Attachments
Lifting Jib – Short Boom
Single lifting point with a maximum lift capacity of 5000kg.
Available to suit telehandlers and wheel loaders.
Lifting Jib – Extendable Boom (fig.4)
Seven lifting points with a maximum lifting capacity of 6000kg to 1000kg at full reach
Extendable out to approximately 4.2 m
Available to suit telehandlers and wheel loaders
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Bi-Fold Pipe Handler
Bi-Fold Pipe Handler
The McCormack Industries Bi-fold Pipe Handler is specifically designed to handle long pipes and poles safely and securely. The two folding arms allow it to clamp small- and large-diameter pipes effectively, while also retracting to allow the attachment to be used as a conventional pallet fork frame. The hydraulic system is set up so that the arms will not release the load off the tynes even if the machine shuts down. The tynes, shaft and all pins are made from high tensile steel to ensure load safety. 

  • Safely handle long lengths of pipe
  • Automatically secures a range of pipe sizes
  • Hydraulic valves ensure complete load safety when clamping long objects
  • Available to suit a range of machine attachment lugs
  • Clamping arms retract to allow unimpeded use of the pallet forks
  • All models available with optional hydraulic fork positioning
  • Different models available to suit all industries and machines
McCormack Industries BFP Handler Specifications
Model 4C436 6N436 4N222
Pallet fork capacity 8000 kg 8000 kg 4000 kg
Pipe handling capacity 4000 kg 6000 kg 4000 kg
Clamping pressure ~ 4000 kg < 2000 kg < 1000 kg
Pipe range 4” - 36” 4” - 36” 2” - 22”
Fork Width (min-max)* 260 mm - 2334 mm 260 mm - 2334 mm 496 mm - 2334 mm
Approx. Weight* 1550 kg 1550 kg 1250 kg
Approx. Height 2910 mm 2910 mm 2410 mm
Light Material Bucket
Type 2

The lighter duty Type 2 McCormack bucket is an economical but durable 4-in-1 bucket. Cheaper than the Heavy-Duty Type 1 model, the Type 2 is great for those on a budget. Still Australian made with Australian steel but with a more economical design. This bucket is durable and great for general duties around the farm and is built for Australian conditions. It is specifically designed for tractor loaders under 90HP.
  • Stand up to the demands of general farm work and light duty applications
  • Front floor is flat for easy filling and made from high-grade material
  • “Light Industrial” quality hydraulic rams
  • Greaseable knockout bushes and replaceable pins
  • Double wire braided hoses and standard Ag breakaways
  • Suited for small tractor loaders under 90HP
Width 1800mm 2100mm
Capacity 0.50m3 0.52m3
Depth (A) 660mm 660mm
Height (B) 560mm 560mm
Weight 315kg 360kg
Rock Buckets
McCormack Industries make heavy-duty buckets that are specifically designed for loading and carting rocks. These buckets are made from Australian sourced steel with front and side weld on cutting edges. The floor and part of the rear of the bucket are open to allow dirt to flow through. The 12mm ribs and stiffener plates in the design add extra strength and durability. We make these buckets the same widths and capacities as our general-purpose buckets, meaning they are very practical. They can be made to suit all loader models and hitches on request.
  • Built tough
  • Stand up to the demands of rock handling
  • Open design to collect only rocks and other debris
  • Can be custom designed to suit your requirements
  • Can be designed to suit any loader model or hitch
Width 1800mm 2100mm 2400mm
Capacity 0.51m3 0.70m3 0.80m3
Depth 605mm 650mm 680mm
Height 740mm 780mm 780mm
Skid Steer – These buckets are purpose built for use on skid steers, and they have heavy-duty features which allow them to stand up to the rigorous tasks performed by skid steers.

McCormack Industries manufactures a 4-in-1 bucket specifically suited for use on Skid Steers. The heavy-duty design and reinforced construction of the bucket mean that it can handle the tough environment and conditions of skid steer work. This class of bucket comes standard with the industrial quality hydraulic rams that are used on all our 4-in-1s. The front floor of the bucket is flat to allow for easier filling and is made from high-grade steel. Teeth and bolt on cutting edges are also available as an optional extra.
  • Built tough
  • Stand up to the demands of skid steer work
  • Front floor is flat for easy filling and made from high-grade material
  • Available with bolt on cutting edges and teeth
  • Industrial-quality hydraulic rams
  • Greaseable knockout bushes and replaceable pins
  • Double wire braided hoses and suitable breakaways
Some of the standard specs of our 4-in-1 range include:
  • Flat base for easy fill
  • “Light Industrial” quality hydraulic rams
  • Greaseable knockout bushes and replaceable pins
  • Light Duty (LD) and Heavy-Duty (HD) bucket options
  • Double wire braided hoses and standard Ag breakaways
This versatile range of buckets is suitable for any application that requires a grab, bucket, blade or leveller. How to get 4 purposes out of 1 bucket:
  • BUCKET – Use the 4/1 bucket like a GP bucket by keeping the jaws closed and using it to scoop materials.
  • GRAB – Open the jaws on approach to the object you wish to pick up, put the bucket over the object and carefully close the bucket and lift. Always be careful not to pull hefty items out of the ground, as this will bow and buckle your bucket in the middle.
  • BLADE – Fully open the 4-in-1 bucket and position the bucket so that the rear half is vertical. Now the bucket is ready for use as a standard blade.
  • LEVELLING – Like with the blade option, open the bucket jaws. Crowd the bucket far enough forward that the back cutting edge of the front half of the bucket is touching the ground. Drag the bucket backwards to flatten out the rough spots.
Fan, Silage & Two Bale Grab
The Fan Grab is ideal for handling wrapped bales of silage. Its careful design means that it will not cause any damage to the plastic wrap while being tough enough to securely handle the bales. It operates using two independent hydraulic cylinders. It can be made to suit any make or model of tractor loader, telehandler, skid steer or wheel loader.
  • Requires extra hydraulic outlet (third function)
  • Ideal for handling plastic wrapped silage bales
  • 2.5m opening width
  • Operates using two independent hydraulic cylinders
  • Approx. weight – 215kg  
Two Bale Hay Grabs

For handling and stacking multiple bales, the Two Bale Hay Grab is ideal. Its design allows for two bales to be picked up horizontally then rotated 90 degrees and to be stacked vertically on their end. Similarly to all other attachments, these can be mounted onto any tractor loader, telehandler, skid steer or wheel loader model. The extra height allows for high stacking into sheds and speed is greatly increased by handling two bales.
  • Ideal for stacking round bales high into sheds
  • Makes stacking faster and more efficient
  • Requires extra hydraulic outlet (third function)
  • Approx. weight 265kg
Bolt on Silage Grab

McCormack Industries also manufactures attachments for handling pit silage. When feeding or loading silage, the capacity of your general purpose bucket can be increased significantly by the addition of a McCormack Industries silage grab. The grab bolts to the bucket, meaning they can be removed if the bucket is required to be used for handling gravel or cleaning out pits. Similar to other McCormack Industries attachments, it can be made to suit any model of tractor loader, telehandler, skid steer or wheel loader.
  • Can be designed to fit your existing bucket (limitations apply)
  • Requires extra hydraulic function (third function)
  • Ideal for pit silage
Pallet Fork Frame/Industrial Pallet Forks
McCormack Industries manufactures a range of heavy-duty industrial pallet forks for wheel loaders and telehandlers. These range from widths of 1200mm to 2400mm, with capacities up to 12000kg. Depending on the application the tynes used are ITA (forklift style) or pin eye type. These are available with hydraulic fork positioning on the tynes as an optional extra. The frames can be made to suit a wide variety of machine attachment lugs.
  • Built tough and durable
  • Increase efficiency and safety in material handling applications
  • Designed to suit any machine attachment lugs
  • A wide variety of widths and capacities available up to 2400mm wide and 12000kg capacity
  • Hydraulic fork positioning available as an optional extra
  • ITA and pin eye type tynes available
Overtipping Bucket 
One of the downfalls of loading light and loose material into high sided trucks is that conventional buckets aren’t able to unload properly or even reach over the side. The overtipping bucket incorporates a separate frame which effectively allows the bucket to tip from near the front cutting edge. This increases the height which the loader can clear while allowing all the material to be dumped efficiently. They are ideal for loading cotton seed, grain and green waste. They can be made to suit all makes of wheel loader or telehandler.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Available in a large range of capacities and widths, up to 2.7 metres and 6 cubic metres.
  • Ideal for loading grain, cotton seed or green waste
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Come standard with replaceable bolt on cutting edge
  • Greaseable knockout bushes and replaceable pins
Hay Frames
Another versatile attachment manufactured by McCormack Industries is the Multi-Purpose Hay Frame. This frame comes in three different heights, meaning there will be a model to suit your needs. It also has positions for 5 hay spears, so whether you need to pick up large square bales or round bales, there will be a configuration that suits your needs. It can be made to suit any model of tractor loader, telehandler, skid steer or wheel loader.
  • Includes 5 spear bosses at ideal locations
  • Frame is 1780mm wide
  • Comes in three heights: 1.2m, 2m and 2.5m
  • Ideal for handling round bales through to large square bales
  • Spears sold separately
Round Bale Hay Frame

For a simple and cost-effective product for handling round hay bales, this frame is ideal. It has positions for 2 spears in the bottom rail and a frame to provide support to the bale. It is available to suit any model of tractor loader and skid steer.
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Post Hole Digger
McCormack Industries distributes and manufactures a vast range of hydraulically operated post hole diggers. This includes a vast range of auger sizes and accessories, as well as mounting options for existing McCormack Industries attachments. These can be fitted to all makes of tractor loaders, skid steers or telehandlers. Augers are available in diameters from 100mm to 600mm in 50mm increments and are driven by a 65mm or 75mm round shaft. There are three mounting options depending on your situation, the slide frame, pallet forks mount and backing frame mount. The size of the motor depends on the oil flow of the machine which it is fitted to. Hydraulically driven post hole diggers are much safer and more efficient than the conventional PTO driven ones due to the reduced amount of moving parts and increased operator comfort.
  • Slide Frame
This frame is the most popular choice since it allows the drive motor to be moved side to side to allow the operator to have a clear view of the auger placement. It also saves any manual handling of the motor and augers as the attachment stays assembled and fits onto the machine’s quick coupler.
  • Backing Frame Mount
This mount is designed to suit a McCormack Industries universal backing frame; this is for customers who already have an existing backing frame on their blade or stick rake.
  • Pallet Fork Frame Mount
This mount is to suit McCormack Industries pallet fork frames; by removing the tynes from the frame, this mount uses the frame members and the shaft.
  • Post Hole Digger Accessories
For digging deep holes McCormack Industries can supply extensions to suit our augers. These come in standard lengths of 0.5 and 1 metre, but custom lengths are available. Replacement tungsten tipped, chisel and rock teeth and centre points are also available.
Silage Blade
McCormack Industries designs and manufactures many alternatives for handling and stacking silage. McCormack Industries Silage Blades can be fitted to large tractors with front-end loaders or to dedicated parallel lift under axles. The Silage Blade features heavy-duty construction with the option of hungry boards, wings, hydraulic tilt and depth skids.
  • Built tough
  • Available in a range of sizes and configurations
  • Replaceable bolt on double sided cutting edges
  • Fold down wings for easy transporting
Silage Buck Rake
The second alternative for stacking and handling silage is the folding buck rake. It incorporates a row of spears with a mesh frame to push and collect silage while stacking. The hydraulically folding wings allow it to be transported easily. The spears and bushes in the main pivot are replaceable. Hydraulic tilt can be fitted as an optional extra.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Available in a range of sizes and configurations
  • Replaceable spears and bushes
  • Optional hydraulic tilt can be fitted
  • Fold up wings for easy transporting
Stick Rake
McCormack Industries Stick Rakes are made in our Aubigny workshop using top-quality materials ensuring a long-lasting quality product. We have two strengths of rake and many sizing options available. Our light-duty rake is great for light clearing work and general purpose duties, while the heavy-duty rake is ideal for large areas and heavy clearing. Both rakes are double-sided to extend life and durability, both have the option of ‘straight’ or ‘tipped’ models, and both can be fitted to suit any machine either with a backing frame or have lugs welded directly onto the back.
Light-Duty Stick Rake
  • 16mm rake teeth, 100mm spacing, rake height 700mm
  • Tipped wings are 300mm wide
  • All light-duty rake widths can be from 1500mm - 3000mm overall
  • Rake is double-sided for extended life (only possible if backing frame is purchased separately)
Type Rake Width
Light-Duty - Straight 1800mm
Light-Duty - Straight 2100mm
Light-Duty - Straight 2400mm
Light-Duty - Straight 2700mm
Light-Duty - Straight 2000mm
Light-Duty - Tipped 1800mm overall
Light-Duty - Tipped 2100mm overall
Light-Duty - Tipped 2400mm overall
Light-Duty - Tipped 2700mm overall
Light-Duty - Tipped 3000mm overall
Heavy-Duty Stick Rake
  • 25mm rake teeth, 75mm spacing, height 900mm
  • Tipped wings are 300mm wide
  • Heavy-duty rake widths vary from 2400mm - 3400mm overall but can be made larger on request
  • Hungry board an optional extra
  • Rake is double sided for extended life (only possible if backing frame is purchased separately and without hungry board)
Type Rake Width
Heavy-duty – Straight 2400mm
Heavy-duty – Straight 2700mm
Heavy-duty – Straight 3000mm
Heavy-duty – Tipped 2400mm overall
Heavy-duty – Tipped 2700mm overall
Heavy-duty – Tipped 3000mm overall
Heavy-duty – Tipped 3400mm overall
Stick Rake Hungry Board
  • Built to protect the machine from loose sticks and objects
  • Made from diamond pattern mesh to allow visibility
  • Only available on heavy-duty stick rakes
Style Rake Width
Straight All Widths
Tipped All Widths
Material Handling
McCormack Industries manufactures a range of grabs for handling loose and bulky materials. This can be a more effective solution than purchasing a larger bucket. These can be custom made to suit your needs and existing bucket. Adding a grab can effectively increase the carrying capacity of a bucket which increases productivity and efficiency. These grabs require an extra hydraulic outlet to operate.
  • Increases the capacity of your bucket when handling light and loose material
  • Requires an extra hydraulic remote to operate
  • Can be fitted to multiple size buckets (bucket not included)
  • Can be custom-made to suit your existing bucket
McCormack Industries manufactures blades for earthmoving and clearing applications. These can be made to suit all makes of tractor loaders or skid steers; this blade style is also the same which is fitted to our under axle and over axle assemblies. Widths range from 1.8 metres to 2.7 metres with custom sizes available upon request. All blades are fitted with reversible bolt on cutting edges and are approximately 500mm high standard with other heights available. Our blades can be mounted to your tractor or skid steer using our universal backing frame. This allows for optional extras like our angle or tilt assemblies to be fitted.
  • Rugged construction and reliability
  • Reversible bolt on cutting edge standard
  • Available in widths from 1.8 to 2.7 metres in a standard height of approx. 500mm
  • Compatible with our universal backing frame to suit all makes of tractor loader or skid steers
  • Optional extras available such as hungry boards, folding wings, depth skids, angle and tilt assemblies and grill protection
McCormack Industries Blade Accessories
  • Wing Assemblies
To extend the width of your blade or blade/rake, tipped wings can be added; these will increase the width of your attachment by an extra 1 metre, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your operation. These are also made to fold back by undoing 3 bolts each side to allow for ease of transportation.
  • Manual Angle
This is a simple accessory for all blades, blade/rakes and stick rakes. It puts the blade on an angle to make grading easier. This product fits between the attachment and the backing frame on either side. It can be easily removed and installed by simply removing and replacing two pins.
  • Depth Skids
When using your blade, blade/rake or stick rake the depth of your attachment can be controlled by fitting Depth Skids. These have a range of holes giving 20mm adjustments in depth.
  • Hungry Board/Bonnet protection
To increase the capacity and to protect your machine hungry boards can be fitted to the top of the blade or blade/rake. These can be either solid filled, barred or mesh. Heights and configurations can be modified to suit customer requirements and needs.
McCormack Industries Universal Backing Frames

McCormack Industries uses a universal mounting frame to mount our blades, blade/rakes and stick rakes. This allows for these attachments to be reversed and also for manual angles to be fitted. A range of different attachment lugs can be fitted to this frame from a tractor loader, skid steer or telehandler.  
Back Fill Blade

McCormack Industries manufactures a universal blade for skid steers that can be used for cleaning up and filling in trenches along with many other applications. It uses a hydraulic angle function to allow for easy manoeuvring and operation. As with all McCormack Industries attachments, it is built tough and has replaceable inserts in all pivots.
  • Different width blade available 
  • Hydraulic angle standard 
  • Greaseable and replaceable inserts on all pivot points
  • Heavy-duty construction
Feed Mixer Elevator
Often feed mixers aren’t equipped with an unloading elevator long enough to reach into feed bins. McCormack Industries custom manufactures elevators to suit most makes of feed mixers. The length and folding style can be varied to suit your specific needs. These can reuse existing components and hardware or be supplied completely from scratch.
  • Ideal for loading into feed bin
  • Cleated belt for effective movement of material
  • Custom made to suit your specific needs
Blade Rake
A popular configuration to our standard blade is to add rake teeth to the top side. With the addition of our universal backing frame, it allows the one blade to be used for blade work as well as raking. These 20mm teeth are spaced approximately 150mm apart. These are available in similar widths as standard blades and can be fitted with similar optional extras.
  • Rugged construction and reliability
  • Reversible bolt on cutting edge standard with 20mm rake teeth on opposite side
  • Available in widths from 1.8 to 2.7 metres in a standard height of approx. 500mm
  • Compatible with our universal backing frame to suit all makes of tractor loader or skid steers
  • Optional extras available such as folding wings, depth skids, angle and tilt assemblies.
McCormack Industries Blade Accessories
  • Wing Assemblies
  • Manual Angle
  • Depth Skids
  • Hungry Board/Bonnet protection
  • McCormack Industries Universal Backing Frames
See the Blades section on this page for more details about these accessories.
Log Grab
Handling long or round objects on pallet forks can be a dangerous and difficult practice. McCormack Industries manufactures a hydraulic grab to suit the Type 1 and 2 McCormack Pallet Fork frames. The single arm allows for effective restraining of these objects. It requires the third function on the loader to operate.
  • Suit Type 1 and 2 McCormack Pallet Fork frames.
  • Requires third function to operate.
  • Makes handling long or round objects safe and efficient.
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