Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments
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Forklift Lifting Jib

Lifting Jibs are also available for forklifts. Lifting from a forklift without a secure jib greatly increases the risk of damaging the load and endangering the operator. Lifting off one tyne not only overloads the single tyne, but also causes instability in the forklift.

McCormack Industries Forklift Jibs are easily secured by chain to the forklift mast and are available in long boom and short boom variations, with lifting capacities varying from 1000kg to 4000kg.

  • Fully certified and tested to Australian Standards
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Capacities available up to 1500 kilograms
  • Available to suit no standard forklift tyne sizes upon request
  • All jibs include rated hook and shackle
Forklift Slip-On Jib – Long Boom 
  • 4 lifting points with a maximum capacity of 1500kg ranging to 825kg at full reach
Forklift Slip-on Jib – Short Boom 
  • Single lifting point with a capacity of 1000kg to 4000kg depending on model
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Forklift Broom

McCormack Industries manufacture heavy duty brooms ideal for simple and efficient sweeping of cement pads or roads. These incorporate replaceable bristle sections in a range of configurations. Different widths are available to suit all applications. These brooms are made to fit onto the forklift tynes of any attachment, making them very cost effective compared to other hydraulic driven options. They can also be made to fit onto quick couplers of front end loaders, skid steers or Telehandlers They are ideal for sweeping grain pads, road works or construction sites among many other uses.

  • Built tough
  • Replaceable bristle sections.
  • Different configurations are available, angle adjustment and large range of widths
  • Can be made to suit all sizes of forklift tynes or to connect directly to front end loaders, Telehandlers etc.
  • Ideal for grain depots, cotton gins, recycling plants or waste facilities
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Forklift Tyne Slippers

Forklift Tyne Slippers allow the existing tynes to have extra reach. The extensions slip over the outside of the forklift tynes and are secured to the tynes by a locking pin.
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Forklift Bale Clamp

The Bale Clamp allows a forklift to grab a wide range of materials it couldn’t otherwise handle with pallet fork tynes. The hydraulics are fully guarded and feature adjustable pressure reliefs and retaining cartridges to ensure the clamps don’t creep open. The two clamps slide in and out on independent cylinders.
The thin bale arms allow materials to be stacked closely together.

Work Platform

McCormack Industries has broadened its product range into work platforms for use on forklifts. This is a simple and safe solution to allow workers to operate at heights. It complies with all relevant Australian standards and has two certified harness anchor points. It has a maximum capacity of two people or 250kg. Standard features include a self closing gate and fully meshed rear barrier for occupant safety.
  • Built to Australian standards with two certified anchor points.
  • Fully meshed rear barrier with self closing gate and full handrail.
  • Maximum capacity of two people or 250kg.
  • Suit a vast range of forklift trucks with locking pins to secure onto the tynes.
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